Customer Scrutiny Group

What does the Customer Scrutiny Group do? Post it with Let's Talk written on top

The Customer Scrutiny Group is made up of Westward customers who meet regularly throughout the year. Their role is not to be a sounding board themselves, but to consider the best way to engage customers in proposals for change or new ideas/services. For example they have considered changes to the Neighbourhood Policy, Development Strategy and strategic business priorities for the coming year. They also receive performance information.

The Group ask questions such as:

  • What are the likely impacts on customers, homes, neighbourhoods and communities?
  • What is the timeframe, who will make the decision and where are we now in that timeframe?
  • How are customers to be engaged?
  • How have outcomes been analysed, have any options been varied as a result, and what weight do the view of customers carry?
  • What views does it wish to make known to the decision makers (i.e. the board or executive team)?
  • What happens next?

What else do they do?

The Scrutiny Group take part in service reviews, putting a particular service, or part of service under the micrscope. This allows customers to

  • Take a detailed look at how Westward can improve its services
  • Work with Westward colleagues to collect 'evidence' about how our services currently work.
  • Talk with other customers about their experiences with our services
  • Use what you learn from this to recommend changes that will improve our services in the future.


We are hiring written on chairs

Membership and recruitment:

Customer Scrutiny Group currently has six members in total. There is a really positive spread of geographic representation, with membership across Devon and Cornwall.

To continue to increase diversity, targeted recruitment is now focusing on gaining membership from:

  • Those who are working or actively seeking work
  • Under 35 year olds
  • Shared Owners / Rent to Buy / Affordable Rent / Freehold & Leasehold
  • BAME community

These customers are under-represented at present, so the group are looking forward to welcoming new members who are able to increase diversity and bring alternative perspectives.

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