What does the customer scrutiny group do?

SGThe customer scrutiny group take part in service reviews. This process puts a particular service, or part of service under the microscope. This allows them to: 

  • Take a detailed look at how Westward can improve its services
  • Work with Westward colleagues to collect 'evidence' about how our services currently work.
  • Talk with other customers about their experiences with our services
  • Use what they learn from this to recommend changes that will improve our services in the future.

How do we do this?

The group aim to review between two and four service areas each year. When a topic is under review, it is looked at in the following ways:

  • Looking at existing policies and procedures
  • Interviewing the relevant senior officers
  • Interviewing officers delivering the service to customers
  • Reviewing complaints 
  • Interviewing relevant partners, such as such as grounds maintenance contractors
  • Designing and sending out customer surveys to customers who have received the service, to Our Voice members and via social media. 

When the review has been carried out, the customer scrutiny group will then give their recommendations for changes to the service area. These are then published on our website. Click here to read the group's completed and ongoing reviews and recommendations.

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