Ways to pay

Use your Westward MyAccount to make payments online at your convenience. 


We appreciate that budgeting on a low income can be difficult, but paying your rent is a priority debt.

Rent has to be paid in advance

You need to pay your rent in advance, so it is important to pay a little extra into your account on each rent payment day if you are not already ahead on your rent.  New tenants pay their rent in advance as well.

We now take earlier action to get in touch with you about any debts and help you to avoid any threat to your tenancy. It is really important that you tell us immediately if you are struggling to pay your rent.  Also any debt also affects your credit rating and ability to move home.

If you have difficulty making your rent payments contact the Income Team immediately. The team will offer support, advice and guidance but you need to move quickly. If you don’t tell us, or keep to an agreement to pay off any arrears, we will contact you to clear the debt as soon as possible.

If repayment agreements are not made, or not kept to, we will be forced to take formal legal action against you, which could ultimately see you losing your home. Don't risk the roof over your head.

Payment options

Direct Debit

The most straight forward way to make payments is by direct debit. You can set up a direct debit right away here. Alternatively if you want to download, complete and send the direct debit mandate form to us you can do so here. Or you can call us on 0300 100 1010 and we can set up a direct debit for you over the phone.

Auto payments by phone

Secure, quick and easy. Call us at any time on 0300 100 1010, then when prompted, press 1 to be transferred to the auto payment system. The system will then guide you as to when to enter on the keypad: your tenancy reference number, the amount you want to pay and your card details. Your tenancy reference number is in your MyAccount, on any recent Westward letter, or you can ask our Customer Hub.


Use your Westward MyAccount to make payments online at your convenience. You only need to log in once, using your MyAccount details. This means it's quick and easy to use. You can also check your rent account in MyAccount before you make any payment. Any payments made here currently take 24 hours to show in your rent account, we are working to make this an instant update.

Text message

If you contact us by email at info@westwardhousing.org.uk OR send a text message to 07990 536536 including your name, address and the amount you want to pay, we can send you a secure web link to make a payment. 


Payments can be made free at any PayPoint shop using your Westward barcode. All PayPoints take cash, but some shops also take cheques, debit cards and credit cards. Visit PayPoint.com to find your local PayPoint store.

Universal Credit / Housing Benefit                                                                                       

Housing benefit and universal credit claimants can sometimes have payments sent to Westward. Such payments are usually received in arrears. You are responsible for your rent and must ensure that you do not have arrears because of this. 

Bank Transfer

Use your bank or building society’s online banking or telebanking services by quoting our Santander bank details: account name Westcountry Housing Association Limited, sort code 09-07-20, account number 02015900 and your ten digit tenancy reference number.

Remember if you have any questions or are at all worried:

Contact Us

or call 0300 100 1010