Seeking Support?

image of hands on beach We deliver a range of services across Devon and Cornwall which provide our customers with real opportunities to shape their own lives and to improve their personal wellbeing.

We believe that every person has a basic set of rights and entitlements which include:

  • Being able to set their own direction
  • Taking charge of their own life
  • Having money for the things they need and control over how that money is spent
  • Finding a home where they belong which is safe and secure
  • Getting real help from other people
  • Being recognised and valued in their community
  • Finding opportunities to develop good, loving relationships and friendships

How to reach us

You may have been referred to us by a health professional or social worker, or you may have found us from a personal recommendation or your own research. However you found us, we're glad that you did! We have an excellent track record of providing high-quality support services.

For general Support Services enquiries please use the Contact Us form here or you can call 01626 240470. If you are interested in a particular service below then please contact them direct with any referral enquiry. 

How we work

How we work: 

We work with customers to see the positives in their lives, their strengths and to understand the impact of the history they bring with them.

Staff work to help customers set goals they want to achieve to move forward with their lives. Goals are different for everyone but can include re-establishing links with family and friends, changing behaviours that cause them harm or put them at risk, becoming the best parents they can be so their children thrive, making sure they have enough money and are able to work or go to college when the time is right.

Everyone deserves a chance to make their lives as good as they can be: we help people to make that happen by believing in them and working with them as they map out how they will do that and start working towards their goals.

Are you looking for support as an older person? If so please visit our Support for older people area and also our 55 years+ housing area.

Recovery support model