Support Services

image of hands on beach Westward delivers a range of services across Devon and Cornwall which provide people with real opportunities to shape their own lives and to improve their personal wellbeing.

We believe that every person has a basic set of rights and entitlements which include:

  • Being able to set their own direction
  • Taking charge of their own life
  • Having money for the things they need and control over how that money is spent
  • Finding a home where they belong which is safe and secure
  • Getting real help from other people
  • Being recognised and valued in their community
  • Finding opportunities to develop good, loving relationships and friendships
How we work: 

Take a look at our Support Services brochure here. We understand that the people who use our services are often best-placed to identify the things that will work for them.

As a support provider, our job is to ask the right questions and to work with people to make their own choices on how to plan their support and rebalance their life.

How we do it:

Recovery: We know that people can and do recover from the challenges that have brought them into contact with services. We understand recovery as a process of change through which a person achieves improved health, wellness and quality of life.

Social Justice: We recognize that many of the people using our services have experienced multiple disadvantage, social inequalities and systemic failures. We are committed to working for change by constructively challenging current thinking and practice and opening the door to new solutions and approaches. We recognize that effective change requires the active participation of all sectors of our community.

Citizenship: We are committed to assisting people to live the life they want, as active and valued members of their community. We believe that Citizenship is something we build together, and for each other.

We have an excellent track record of providing high-quality support services to a wide range of client groups.Follow @WestwardSupport on Twitter to stay up to date and for Support Service enquiries please call 01626 240470.