Image of a house in a shopping trolleyWestward buys a variety of goods, works and services to assist in the delivery of our strategic objectives.

We work in conjunction with other organisations in order to gain economies of scale and access to framework agreements, which are common to all the local housing associations. We are a member of the following consortia:

  • Advantage SW which has thirteen members, representing over 90,000 properties in the south west.
  • Procurement for Housing is a nationwide procurement consortium dedicated to the needs of social housing with approximately 850 members.

We will always buy goods and services in a transparent and ethical manner. Our aim is to encourage local small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) to feel confident of working with us; by being open and breaking down barriers, or problems that are perceived to exist when trying to supply to the Public Sector.

Our Procurement Policy and Procedures explain the processes we undertake, given different spend thresholds. All projects over a certain amount are carried out using the tendering portal we have as part of our membership of Advantage SW. If you would like to be able to access future projects and have the chance of working with us and other buying organisations that use the portal, please register at

At the welcome page click on the words “Supplier Area” in the green bar on the left. On the page that then opens you will see a list of current opportunities to the lower left and on the right hand side you will need to click on the Useful link “Help”. This will automatically open another tab on your browser with a step by step guide to registering on the portal. When you are happy that this is open and you can access it, as well as the original page, click on the green button “Register”.

Contractors can view our Trades Team and Contractor Code of Conduct and our Modern slavery statement and action plan 2022-23 here.

As part of our Make a Stand pledge against domestic abuse, Westward also complies with the Capsticks Procurement Guidance.