Building the business

More than Bricks and Mortar

We operate a housing development programme throughout our region of Devon and Cornwall. This includes affordable homes for rent, shared ownership homes and new homes for open market sale.  

We seek to do our part to address housing need and affordability in the south west where house prices are often at levels of 10-14 times that of average salaries.

As well as helping to provide affordable housing for local people, our development work creates and supports jobs in the region.

We work in partnership with Homes England, the local authorities in which we work, and of course our own customers and colleagues in order to provide safe, secure and high quality housing.


New residents deem Westward homes great quality

On average we build 150 homes every year and our housing stock is around 7,500 with properties being built throughout Devon and Cornwall. 

To ensure that the new homes meet residents’ expectations, we ask households to complete a survey 12 months after moving in. The satisfaction form we use is also used by a number of other housing associations so we can compare the results. 

Westward’s satisfaction rate is 100% for the internal design of our properties and feeling safe in their homes;  the majority of residents who returned surveys in 2020/21 were satisfied with the quality of their home. 

Residents are also asked to say what is more important to them in terms of their new homes.  The results show that the satisfaction with the homes we provide is high.  We also know through an analysis of our costs that these are lower than most other housing associations, so we are achieving value for money. We keep these standards under close review. Where there are direct questions in the survey, the results are given in the table:

Residents' priorities for new homes
Ranking Issue Westward %
1 Feeling safe 100%
Internal size of home 95%
3 Layout of home 100%
4 Internal facilities (heating etc) 83%
5 Appearance of scheme / home 95%
6 Local area 95%
7 Gardens 55%
8 Noise problems from inside the home  0%
9 Layout of estate 95%
10 Amount of storage 75%
11 Repair service for defects (first 6 months) 55%
  Overall satisfaction rating 90%

Development strategy

Image of a construction site

New Programme

We are a Homes England funded partner as well as being a funded partner with Cornwall Council.

We are also a founding member of the Plymouth Housing Development Partnership.

Our new homes sites have strongest presence in Teignbridge, Torbay, Torridge, Plymouth and Cornwall. We target activity where it has a viable management 'reach', and where stakeholder support is likely. 

In order to achieve our business plan target of 700 new homes up to 2025, we will continue to develop where we are recognised as ongoing partners.

Image a partially completed row of houses

New development sites

Image of newly built properties in Exeter


Under the banner of Westward we have a proven track record of successful development and land acquisition throughout Devon and Cornwall. Westward has an ambitious but measured growth agenda and the Development team actively seek fresh opportunities.

A map showing our latest development sites can be viewed  here.

We have a contract with Homes England to increase the supply of affordable homes in England through the Affordable Homes Programme.

Latest Development Costs

Atlantic Way, Porthtowan - WCH shared ownership, WWH shared ownershipWCHWWH rented,

Bridwell Lane WWH,

Follaton Oak, Totnes - WCH shared ownershipWWH shared ownership, WCH rentedWWH rented

Lakeside - WCH phase 1 shared ownership, WWH shared ownershipWCH phase 1 rentedWWH rented

Langely Crescent - WCH, WWH

Lee Court - WCH, WWH

Southway - WCH shared ownership, WWH shared ownership, WCH rentedWWH rented 

Woodgate, Liskeard - WCH shared ownership, WWH shared ownershipWCH rentedWWH rented

Pridham Place - WWH Shared Ownership