Book a NEW repair

Westward colleague next to Westward van For an EMERGENCY REPAIR call 0300 100 1010. 

There is a full list of emergency repair jobs in the Repairs Policy.

To book a NEW routine repair either:

  • Log into MyAccount and use the My Repairs section
  • Use the form below where you have to fill in all your personal details as it is not inside MyAccount
  • Text 07990 536536  (include the word ‘repair’, your name, address and a very brief description of the issue).
  • Call 0300 100 1010 during office hours 

You can learn more about repairs for renting customers here: Living in your home.

To save time and avoid having to wait in for a surveyor to do a pre-visit, use our video call system when you book a repair. 

As a tenant you are responsible for:

  • Painting and decorating internal doors, walls, ceilings, window sills and window frames
  • Repairs to any fixtures and fittings that belong to you
  • Unblocking drains where you have caused the damage (two tips): Never pour fat or tea leaves down the drain & never put disposable nappies, sanitary towels and plastic bags down the toilet)
  • Arranging your own contents insurance
  • Your garden and boundary hedges
  • Minor internal repairs or replacements, such as tap washers, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes & starters, curtain rails, plugs & chains for baths/sinks and electrical fuses
  • Repairing any installation fitted by you after the start of your tenancy
  • Removal of any wasp nests, rats, mice and other vermin/pests (See dealing with pests leaflet)
  • You are responsible for any damage caused by neglect or misuse by you, your family or your visitors

To ask about an repair you have ALREADY contacted us about previously, please Contact Us here.

For a NEW repair request, use the process below.