About your tenancy

tenancy guide image Your tenancy agreement is a contract between you (the tenant) and Westward (your landlord).

It sets out the duties and obligations of each party and is legally binding for both. Your rights can vary depending upon which type of tenancy you hold.

A tenancy agreement sets out the obligations for Westward (the landlord), and our customer (the tenant).  They include things such as the payment of rent, the reporting and carrying out of repairs, having pets in your home, and what services you should expect to receive.  Westward understand that our standard tenancy agreement may not be easy to understand.  Therefore, we have produced an ‘easy read’ tenancy agreement which outlines ours and our tenants obligations in an easier to understand format with the inclusion of pictures to help illustrate exactly what it means to be a tenant.

Below are our three tenancy agreements:

Have you looked at our Easy to read guide to tenancy agreement - you may find it helpful.

Should you have any questions about your tenancy or if you would like a copy of your own tenancy agreement, please contact our Hub advisors here

Service Standards: Moving in and keeping your tenancy

We will:

  1. Enable you to view a property and give relevant information to help you to take up a property offer.
  2. Offer you advice on affordability of rent and service charges before offering you a tenancy, licence or agreeing to sell a property.
  3. Offer you the most secure tenancy or licence we can, based on your circumstances and clearly and accurately explain your rights and responsibilities before you sign your tenancy agreement or purchase our property.
  4. Ensure your new home is safe, clean and secure, is in a reasonable state of repair and has reasonably modern facilities.
  5. Tell you information about your estate such as bin stores and car parking arrangements when you move in.
  6. Offer you advice and support to sustain your licence, tenancy or lease 

We ask you to:

  1. Let us know if you want to take a property within 24 hours of an offer.
  2. Understand the terms of the tenancy, licence or lease agreement and keep to the conditions set out in the legal documents.
  3. Keep us informed about any changes about your circumstances and household members that could affect your tenancy terms. 
  4. Tell us if you are having difficulty in keeping to your tenancy, licence or lease terms so that we can work with you to resolve issues.