Right to buy or Right to acquire

Right to buy leaflet cover For the majority of our properties there is no eligibility as yet for the right to buy or right to acquire. If you were not eligible before you will not be now.

The government is going to introduce this to housing association properties, however, it must now be worked out in detail. Until then only those households that meet the criteria who are eligible to purchase the property they are living in.

You should visit the government's right to buy website. Currently there are two options for some tenants to be able to purchase your home. If you were not eligible before then nothing has changed as yet, you will not be now.

Please read our  Right to Buy and Right to Acquire leaflet next. This is important as you may not be eligible for either and it will save you time as the application process is detailed.

1. Right to Buy

a) This is available for those whose tenancy transferred to Tarka Housing from Torridge District Council and this means you have protected rights.

b) A small number of secure Westcountry Housing tenants also have the right to buy.

You can read the Right to Buy leaflet from the government here.

Right To Buy: Application form and Guidance notes


2. Right to Acquire

This is a right linked to a property rather than a tenant and is only available for those properties which have been funded by Social Housing Grant (SHG).  If the property was built after March 1997 then it may be eligible for the right to acquire.  If eligible you would get a discount of up to £10,000.

* However, there are still some other criteria that need to be checked before confirmation that you have the right to acquire.

Right to Acquire application form and application process guidance


If someone is able to afford to purchase their own home, they are eligible for Shared Ownership and other Help to Buy products.

Contact Help to Buy South if you would like to know more, please visit: http://www.helptobuyagent3.org.uk 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Home Ownership services using the 

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