Domestic Abuse – How We Can Help

Our priority will always be to work with you to keep you safe and minimise the risk of harm.

So how can we help?

Basic Safety Advice

We can provide basic safety advice and set up safe contact methods with you so that we can stay in touch without risking your safety.

We will put you in touch with other organisations who can help with your situation.

Keeping Your Home Safe

If we need to complete emergency repairs to keep you safe, we will arrange these within 24 hours. This may be changing the locks once the perpetrator has left, installing bolts or anything else needed to keep you safe in the property in the short term.

If you want to stay in the property we can help you make this safe by asking our partner “Safe Partnership” to risk assess your property and install anything needed to keep you safe in the longer term.

If You Want To Move

We can help you with moving options if you decide that moving is the best option for you and we will support you with these.

If Your Partner Is A Joint Tenant

We will talk to you about your options so that you can decide the best route forward.

If you need to access legal help we can provide information on where this can be accessed free of charge.

Rent Arrears

We will work with you to help you clear these and refer you to organisations who can help with your finances.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please contact us, we want to help.

Learn more here

Contact Us

Media enquiries

Our communications team should be your first port of call for all media enquiries.

Email: news@westwardhousing.org.uk 

Main contact phone number: 07515 197006

News and event updates

You can keep up-to-date with news and events by:

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