Customer selected priorities for performance

How are we doing header The questions that we ask in our customer perception survey complement the ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’ set by the Regulator of Social Housing. We employ IFF Research, to carry out independent surveys on our behalf. They call a household sample each month and ask customers how you rate our services to identify areas for improvement.

Our most important performance measures are reported to the management team and board. Our targets take into account the best performance amongst other social landlords and the need to provide cost-effective services. We, along with all landlords with more than one thousand homes, report on our Tenant Satisfaction Measures so that customers can see how well we compare.

  Overall customer satisfaction   Satisfaction with the service provided by Westward as a landlord Complaints resolved in 10 working days Average time to complete routine repairs Customer satisfaction with quality of repairs Satisfaction with the quality of your home Satisfaction with keeping communal areas clean and well maintained Average call waiting time Satisfaction that Westward makes a positive contribution to your neighbourhood Property condition of your home is safe Average relet time for empty properties Gross rent arrears Blue and green pattern