Accommodation and support services for young women

Bethany House entrance Our staff are passionate and dedicated to working with young women in a safe environment in which to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to live successful lives.

We provide supported accommodation for young women who have a wide range of complex support needs.

Our aim is to: 
• Provide the skills, knowledge and opportunities to live independently
• Support you to stay in education, employment or training
• Help young women to live successfully in their community

We do this by supporting you:
• In a safe living space
• To manage your accommodation
• To move on to more independent accommodation

If you live here, you will be:
• A single, homeless young woman
• Aged 16-17 years old (or a care leaver aged 18-25)
• Needing support to develop independent living skills
• From the local area (out of area referrals require funding)