What we stand for

Mission poster Westward's purpose:

Providing homes and supporting communities


We will:

  • Establish places where people want to live
  • Invest in customer focused services
  • Be a great organisation where colleagues thrive
  • Maintain financial strength and deliver great value


Be proactive

We take an agile, enterprising and resourceful approach to business so we can achieve success. We operate efficiently and reinvest our surplus to increase the scale and service of our organisation.

Always engage

We are customer focussed and positively engage with our customers, colleagues and partners to improve what we do and how we do it. We inspire and support our people to be at their best. We will empower colleagues to get it right first time by listening carefully, responding fully and ensuring that the customer does not need to contact us on that issue again.

Show integrity

We are a fair and open organisation. We expect a culture of honesty and personal accountability. We respond to challenge by asking ourselves what we can do to help and by delivering on our promises. We won’t always get it right, but when we don’t, we will ensure we put things right and learn from the experience. We respect and value differences and recognise that diversity enriches our communities.


By 2025 we will be delivering our objectives and have met the targets and ambitions set out in our Strategic Plan. 

  • Our customers will trust us to do what we say we will do and know that we listen and respond to the customer voice.
  • We will be providing an effortless customer experience through digital and innovative services.
  • Residents will trust us to provide and maintain safe, secure and energy-efficient homes.
  • Our colleagues will be practising our values and will feel motivated because their ideas for shaping services and the business are listened to.
  • We will be fast followers of bold and innovative best practice and will be collaborating with others to make this a success.
  • We will have continued to maintain our governance and financial viability regulatory standard.
  • We will continue to be financially resilient through sound investment and development.
  • We will be known for our positive contribution to local communities and environmental sustainability.