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Water help leaflet Do you want to save money on your water bills? You do! Well Westward and South West Water would like to help you.

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We can help if you are having difficulty paying your water bill

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Find out how much you could save with a water meter

• Water saving ideas for the home and garden
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Help to register for Water Priority Service if:

• You have specific health issues that could be affected by disruptions to your water supply
•  Need help reading your water meter, or
• Need water deliveries in an emergency

WaterSure tariff  

You may be able entitled to pay a reduced charge for your water can help if you receive certain state benefits, have a water meter fitted and:
• have 3 or more children under the age of 19 living with you, or
• someone living in your household has a medical condition which causes extra water to be used.  

You may be able entitled to pay a reduced charge for your water if you receive certain means-tested benefits and have a water meter fitted or are on an assessed charge.

Free, confidential and independent help with water bills and water debt.

We're here to help you, just let us know if you'd like some advice about water usage and costs: 

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Frozen pipes?

Wondering how to safely defrost your water supply without further damage? Watch this guide.