'Vulnerable adults at risk of becoming homeless' support service

Alexandra House front At Westward's vulnerable adults at risk of becoming homeless service, our staff are passionate and dedicated to working with individuals to look at supporting them to work with practical tools.

Alexandra House and East Devon Support service deliver a range of services which provide people with opportunities to shape their own lives and to have an improved quality of life.

We work with people in effective ways to enable individuals to live the life they want to live and to contribute to their communities.

We work with street homeless people and vulnerable adults who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Things we do with people

We support and enable people to:

  • Discover their interests and gifts; by working with people to understand their capabilities and what they are able to achieve.
  • Develop community opportunities: by understanding people’s interests and gifts we explore how those may be used within the community in mutually beneficial ways.
  • Make good connections: by identifying opportunities that enable people to take charge of their own life and to find friendship, love and family.
  • Get real help from other people: by ensuring that people have the right support to continue to grow and develop as valued individuals. We work with people to identify natural community supports rather than being reliant on professional structures.
  • Stay safe: by working actively with people as experts of their own experience to identify and plan for potential risks and challenges; working in partnership to identify positive and flexible solutions that will help maintain safety and stability in the long term.