Shared ownership toolkit

Shared ownership can feel like a minefield of jargon and processes, here is our helpful guide.
  • Choosing the right mortgage - not sure which mortgage - learn about the types available.
  • Talk directly to an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) - here is a list of IFAs who we trust and they're free!
  • Your solicitor should have a good understanding of shared ownership, if they don't you could be charged more and it could take longer to buy a property. This is a list of contact details for solicitors who we have worked with and who have often worked with shared owners.
  • What does a solicitor do?  This is an in-depth list explaining what your solicitor does during the sales process, for example: searches.
  • The conveyancing process can be scary, don't let it be, this flow chart explains what a vendor and a purchaser's solicitors will be doing during the sale process.
  • It's a language minefield, here's a  jargon buster to help.

When you apply to buy a house from Westward we will help you to discover if it is the right route for you.  The following are some of the forms you will need:

If you have any questions please give our team a call on 0300 303 8535. You should also visit Shared Ownership Properties & Mortgages | Share to Buy where there is a wealth of helpful information.

How to get a mortgage

House imageTake professional advice

Buying a home is probably the largest financial commitment you will make.  Get the best advice possible from a professional.

Don’t waste money or time

Our panel of advisers will do most of the work before you even meet them, either over the phone or by email. Download our list of Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) who have expert knowledge of shared ownership.

Sharia compliant loans

There are Sharia compliant home loans available, ask your IFA which financial advisors offer these. The following document gives you more information about these specialist loans Sharia compliant home loans


Lifetime ISA factsheet and details

The role of solicitors

legal graphic Selecting the right solicitor is a key part of your journey to home ownership.

The right solicitor can keep the cost down, save time and reduce the stress involved in buying a home.

The conveyance process can be daunting.  Our aim is to make it as painless as possible.

Please read your solicitor's role to learn more about the conveyance process.

We can also help with the selection of a solicitor, check out our solicitors panel with contact details as they have expert knowledge of shared ownership.