Staircasing leaflet Staircasing is the name given to buying more shares of your home.

Shared ownership leases usually allow you to staircase in multiples of 25% or 10% until you own the property outright.  You will need to refer to your own lease for specific details.

Read: Staircasing leaflet: Own Your Home 

Usually you can purchase all the remaining shares, but in some rural areas this may be limited to a maximum of 80%. You should check your lease for full details of the maximum amount that you can buy and whether there are any other restrictions.

A current valuation must be provided by a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) certified surveyor before solicitors can be instructed.  The valuation must be valid at date of completion, even if this means re-doing it.

More information on The Process of Staircasing can be found here.

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