Could you save money on your energy bills?

Our partnership with Energy Angels helps tenants to save time, money and effort with their energy services. 

They help new and existing tenants find the best tariffs in the market with their no obligation, hassle-free price comparison service.

If you are an existing tenant, simply visit Energy Angels or call 01902 585 503 to find out if you are paying more than you need to for your gas and electricity. In just 5 minutes you could be paying less for your energy!

Loft insulation

If you think your loft insulation may not meet the minimum standard, please let us know and we can review it for you. We install 270mm or more when we carry out any repair work or major work improvements. 

For your safety, please do not climb into or walk around in your loft space, but take a look at head height through the loft space if it is safe for you to do so and you are able to. Let us know if if is less then 200mm deep as we may be able to do something that will save you money on your heaitng bills and help keep your home more comfortable. 

Green energy saving tips

Energy suppliers

  • Where possible pay by direct debit as it is generally at a discount
  • Provide regular meter readings for accurate bills
  • Talk to your energy supplier to make sure they are giving you their best deal, switching suppliers can be one of the simplest ways to save money
  • Devon Oil Collective | Devon Communities Together – if you need to buy oil in Devon see if you can join to get a better price deal


  • Turn off lights in empty rooms
  • Ensure bulb wattage is no higher than required
  • Laundry - wash a full load or use the economy wash setting, do most clothes washes at 40°C
  • Dry clothes outside if possible, not on radiators
  • Try to dry clothes as much as possible before using a tumble dryer


  • Use a small ring or low flame for small pans
  • Keep lids on
  • Don’t overfill kettles and pans
  • A microwave is cheaper and quicker than a conventional cooker
  • Use a toaster rather than a grill to toast bread
  • Boil only the water you need


  • Do not place fridges or freezers next to heating appliances, boilers or cookers
  • Defrost regularly
  • Do not leave the doors open
  • Let food cool to room temperature before placing into the fridge
  • Try to keep your freezer full – even empty boxes help
  • Chest freezers are generally more efficient than upright freezers
  • Frost-free refrigeration is generally less efficient than conventional


  • At night close curtains to stop heat being lost through windows
  • Do not block radiator heat with curtains or chairs
  • Close doors to keep the heat in
  • Avoid opening windows and doors to cool a room - if it is too hot turn the heating down instead
  • Set your central heating with a timer – if you do not know how to, look at our heating guides
  • Cut central heating costs by up to 17% by using your heating controls properly. If unsure how to, call us
  • Dress warmly – put on a jumper rather than turn the heating up - turning down your thermostat by 1°C can reduce your bill by 10%

Hot Water

  • An ordinary shower uses only 2/5 of the hot water needed for a bath


  • Do not leave TVs, computers or stereos on standby as they still use 85% of their electricity
  • Look out for the energy rating label when you buy new electrical appliances
  • Don’t leave mobile phone chargers plugged into the socket once your phone has fully charged