Our property services

Our in-house Property Services teams work in partnership with our main repairs contractor, MD Group, to provide the repairs, maintenance and improvements services for our homes.

Our 7,500 households and families throughout Devon and Cornwall can request repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their MyAccounts or our out of hours cover if at a weekend.  

Westward Property Services (WPS) is the in-house building and maintenance service for Westward. Around 60 local trades people form the team and include masons, carpenters and heating engineers. 

MD Group is our primary repairs contractor for Devon.

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Caretaking and estate services

An estate clean upThe caretaking team provides a regular service to those schemes with a caretaking service.

Overflowing waste areas, graffiti, minor repairs, it’s often the attention to detail that customers and visitors notice. We will ensure that areas are maintained to a professional standard.

We conduct regular security checks and health and safety checks which include the servicing of fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency exits.

Our maintenance operatives' duties vary from scheme to scheme as they are individually tailored. The service we provide is paid for by you, as part of your service charges.

Caretakers' main duties:

  • litter picking
  • removing graffiti
  • removing fly-tipped items
  • sweeping and weeding paths
  • reporting repairs
  • replacing bulbs
  • health and safety checks

We will tell you how often we will provide the services; if you are not satisfied with any caretaking work please let us know: Contact Us form.

Responsive caretaking

We provide this for all services including the more urgent issues which we hope you will not generally experience.

Target times

24 hours for removal of needles and syringes, offensive graffiti and or broken glass.

7 days for removal of non-offensive graffiti or fly-tipped items, cutting back overhanging branches, removal of moss when it's a safety issue, or replenishing grit bins (if applicable).

20 days for weeding, putting up signs, removing moss or litter picking.Image of a large shared property with nice grounds

30 days for sweeping car parks and pathways, jet-washing, installing and re-staining benches and non-urgent moss removal.

Grounds maintenance and communal cleaning

We have contractors who carry out the gardening, cleaning and window cleaning. For details of which contractor will carry out work in your area please just ask.

To report a caretaking or maintenance issue please fill in the Contact Us form so that this can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Service standards: estate services

We will:

  1. Visit your estate at least once every 3 months and apartment blocks at least once every month to check that they are safe and well-maintained. 
  2. Take appropriate and timely action where we can, to keep estates clean and tidy. 
  3. Aim to recycle any waste we can from work on your estates.

We ask you to:

  1. Keep your gardens and communal areas clean, tidy and safe. 
  2. Report communal repairs and other issues to us promptly to help us to keep you safe. 
  3. Work with us to keep your estates and neighbourhoods safe.