PIP - Personal Independence Payments

disability iconsPersonal Independence Payment (PIP) helps with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or a disability, if you’re aged 16 to 64.

You get between £21 to £134.40 a week to help with the extra costs caused by your condition. How much you get is not based on your condition, but how your condition affects you.

You’ll need an assessment to work out the level of help you get. Your award will be regularly reassessed to make sure you’re getting the right support.

Those aged 16–64 with a disability can claim PIP instead of Disability Living Allowance.

Unlike many of the recent changes such as the bedroom tax and local Council Tax Support which affected new and existing claimants, the introduction of PIP applies initially only to new claimants.

Existing claimants of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) who are eligible will be moved over to claim PIP over the coming years.

You can find out more information about PIP on the Gov.UK website.

Use the PIP checker to find out if and when PIP affects your DLA.

Under occupancy or 'bedroom' tax

Bedroom tax posterThe Bedroom Tax, also known as 'under occupancy', applies to new and existing housing claimants of working age.

Some households may be paying 'bedroom tax' when they shouldn’t be. This may apply to you if you have been in your current tenancy since before 01/01/1996 and have continuously claimed housing benefit during this time.

You will be assessed by your local authority to establish the size of accommodation you reasonably need.

If you are deemed to be under-occupying your home, your housing benefit is reduced depending on the number of bedrooms you under-occupy by.

The reduction will be 14% for one spare bedroom and 25% for two or more spare bedrooms.

Bedroom Tax Calculator

Check how much you are likely to lose using the Citizens Advice Bedroom Tax calculator. You can see if you have a ‘spare’ bedroom according to new housing benefit regulations. The calculator will also show you how much housing benefit you could potentially lose.

Will I be affected by the Bedroom Tax?

You may be affected by the Bedroom Tax if:

  • you are of working age (under 61 years and 6 months in April 2013) you will be affected by the bedroom tax.

You will NOT be affected by the Bedroom Tax if:

  • you are a single person aged 61 years and 6 month or older before 6 April 2013 (that is, anyone born before 6 October 1951);
  • you live in a one bedroom home or bedsit;
  • you have a shared-ownership property;
  • you will be 61 years and 6 months after 6 April 2013 AND you are living with a partner of working age.

Ask yourself if you can make up the difference?

Check that you are receiving everything you are entitled to. If want to stay there and think you can manage, you should make plans to put aside the extra money you will need.

Consider your options and seek advice

Everyone's situation is different. If you want to consider moving to a smaller property or a mutual exchange, contact your Housing Officer and look at Home Swapper.

If you have any concerns about the bedroom tax, please contact us to discuss them.