Photovoltaic solar panel information

SImage of happy customer in front of house with solar panels onolar energy can help save you having high energy bills and help the environment.

  • The electricity is free if you use it during sunny and bright days, always check the weather forecast and try to save my washing for sunnier days 
  • Energy minders from your power supplier will help you monitor your usage
  • Try to use electrical appliances on timers to operate during the daylight hours
  • Slow cookers are really good as you can have a hot meal ready when you get home in the evening run off the dayitme electricity and it'll smell fantastic as you walk through the door
  • Rechargeable batteries are great for the environment and mean you can charge them during the day
  • Here is the Eon Tenant PV Brochure but please note that this does not apply to all of the PV panels that Westward uses