Building Homes & Lives

We’re a member of PlaceShapers, a network of more than 100 community-based social housing providers. PlaceShapers pride themselves on being far more than landlords. We care about our homes, the people who live in them and the communities that surround them.

Members unite around shared values to lobby for the difference made by community-based landlords. We are defined by caring for the communities in which we are based. Together we have 920,000 homes, are building 118,000 more by 2023 and provide services to more than two million people.  We re-invest 100% of our profits into our homes and communities and have helped more than 60,000 people into work since 2010.

We became a member because:

  • We put our residents and customers at the centre of what we do and ensure they have real influence on our organisations.
  • We provide more than just landlord services because we care about the people and places where we work.
  • We build homes that respond to local housing need.
  • We recognise the importance of a local focus and work actively with our local authorities and other local partners to improve and shape places at both a strategic and operational level. 
  • We believe there's strength and benefit to residents and stakeholders in maintaining a strong, independent, diverse, values-driven housing association sector.

Homes for the South West partnership

Homes for the South West website Homes for the South West is a group of chief executives from some of the largest housing associations in South West England.

We are working together to identify and tackle the barriers to new housing in our region.

Our collective voice is making the case for new housing at a local, regional and national level.

We are ambitious about the role we can play together to invest in and build more homes in the South West.

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