Rent changes now in July

All rent changes move to July 2022!

This year will see a change to the way we review our rents. Instead of applying our annual rent change in April for some customers and in July for others, this coming year the rent change will happen in July 2022 at the same time for everyone.

Why did we have two rent change dates? This is because the former Tarka properties always changed their rents in April and the former Westcountry properties changed in July, so when Westward was formed these arrangements continued.

But completing a rent change twice in one year doesn’t make best use of our resources and can be confusing for customers as well. So, we’ve been working towards moving to one rent change date for some time and we are now in a position where we can do this in July 2022.

What does this mean for you? 

  • July Rent Change customers: For those customers that usually have their rent change in July there will be no change. Your rent and service charges will be reviewed in the New Year and any changes implemented, as normal, in July 2022.  
  • April Rent Change customers: For those former Tarka tenancies and leaseholders due to have a rent or service charge change in April 2022, this will be delayed and will happen in July 2022 instead. Your existing charges will continue for another three months, and any changes will be implemented in July 2022.

There will be no change in the timetable for our shared owners – if there is a change, this will happen throughout the year as set by their lease. 

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