New gas and electric servicing text message reminders

Text message reminders of appointments for Westward gas servicing, electrical inspections and follow-up work starts on Mon 18th July 2022.

An SMS text message will be sent to the main tenant. If you are the main tenant, please make sure we have a valid mobile number for you otherwise you will not receive these messages.

The message will state whether it is a morning or afternoon appointment.

Example text sms message:

CONFIRMATION: Your Westward electrical inspection is on Tue 9 Aug. We will arrive between 8am-1pm; Job: X1234567. Call 0300 303 8534 to re-schedule

You will only receive one text per job, per day; this will be for the earliest time we are booked to be with you. So, if it is a whole day or several days appointment, you will receive just one text message for the first morning. We will make you aware of the duration when we speak to you to make the appointment.

If an appointment is scheduled at least three days in advance, we will send a second text message at around 8am on the working day before the appointment is due. So, for example, on Friday at 8am we will send out reminders for appointments due on the following Monday.

We do not send messages for servicing to communal areas of blocks.


The reminder helps you to remember to be at home, or gives you the chance to reschedule your appointment if you need to.

Media enquiries

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Email: news@westwardhousing.org.uk 

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