Neighbourhood visits

Home We carry out regular visits to all our neighbourhoods to make sure they are being properly maintained and to respond to any issues.

Every site will be inspected at least twice a year or more often where required.

The visits will look at things such as:

  • Potential health and safety issues in our neighbourhoods
  • Repairs in communal areas
  • Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles
  • Graffiti, vandalism, litter, inappropriate use of bin stores and fly-tipping
  • The quality of grounds maintenance, cleaning, and other estate services    
  • Any potential tenancy breaches, e.g. unmaintained gardens

If you see us walking around then please come and say hi but we will always knock on a door to see if there is anything we've missed or that customers want to talk to us about.

Fire safety in communal areas

To ensure the health and safety of our residents who live in blocks with shared areas, such as hallways and stairs, we are obliged to ensure that such areas are free of fire hazards. Not just flammable items but anything that can get in the way of a potential escape route or hinder the access of emergency services.

Residents are not permitted to use the communal areas to store personal household belongings nor to have items such as flowerpots, bench seats or shoe storage in the communal hallway areas. A major factor in any building is smoke and personal items placed in communal areas that can cause obstruction and trip hazards in the event of evacuation from the building.

Where we discover any health and safety hazards in communal areas, we will firstly try and locate the owner of the items and ask for them to be removed, if we are unable to identify the owner, we will then serve a notice on the items and put a card through everyone’s door notifying of the requirement to remove these items. If these items are not removed in the designated time frame, usually within seven days, we will take action by instructing our contractors to collect and dispose of the items. The cost of carrying out the disposal will be charged to residents' service charges or to the individual. Neighbourhood visits docs

We know that for some customers these areas feel like part of their home and sometimes items are left there with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, the work we do around fire prevention and resident safety has escalated following the Grenfell tragedy and if we are asking for items to be removed it is because these issues have been highlighted or would be highlighted on an annual fire risk assessment. We will work with customers to explain this but if there are persistent violations of any given guidance or advice then this would be actioned as a breach of tenancy. Further information regarding fire safety can be found here.

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