Mobility scooter policy

Mobility scooters by their nature are large electrical items that can present a significant fire risk and escape risk through their improper storage and charging.

Westward primary aim is to maintain the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and residents and therefore, in partnership with and under advice from the Fire and Rescue Service, and in line with the Principles of Prevention, has implemented a zero tolerance policy on the storage and charging of mobility scooters in communal areas, in particular under stairs, in communal hallways and externally >6 metres from the building.

Residents who would like the use of a mobility scooter must contact their scheme / housing manager to see if it is practical to store the scooter safely within the scheme before purchasing.

If this option is agreed in writing by the housing officer, the scooter must not be stored or charged in the hallway if this is the only means of escape available. The scooter will be stored and charged in a separate room, which is fitted with a fire-resisting or substantial door and fire detection. Residents will be provided with advice on the safe use and charging of scooters as part of a person-centred approach. If this is not possible for other reasons, then the flat or dwelling may be considered unsuitable for that person and alternative accommodation may need to be found.

The provision of mobility scooter storage is the responsibility of the individual and this will be the first consideration regarding the management of mobility scooters. Any Westward employee with a request to investigate the possibility of providing bespoke mobility scooter storage must approach their housing officer and director of housing in the first instance to establish feasibility.

Where residents do not comply with this zero tolerance policy, after three repeated requests, Westward reserve the right to remove the mobility scooter to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all persons residing and working within the premises.

You can read the full Mobility Scooter Policy here.

Fire risk protection measures

The issue we have is a lack of suitable storage at our schemes so they are being left in communal corridors which is not appropriate as they are a fire risk.  We make no apologies that we are adopting a zero tolerance approach to any flammable items being stored in communal corridors or escape routes. If you want to know more about the safety issues, you can view this short film of a mobility scooter on fire. The overall safety of all residents is our primary concern.