Mental health support services

Dreamstime mind imageAt Westward's mental health services our staff are passionate and dedicated to working with individuals to look at supporting them to work with practical tools.

We do this by encouraging our customers to take control of their daily lives, working with them in finding positive distractions and creative things to do day to day.

We want to promote stable routines and also inspire positive changes that will enable people to stay on their recovery pathway, feeling both supported and also listened to and valued.

Things we do with people
  • Work on individual tailor made support plans written by the person focusing on what goals and daily tasks that are important to them
  • Supporting them to engage in our customer engagement programme that will help them have a voice and shape and change services
  • To engage and be part of a wider community and attend, courses, leisure activities that they are passionate about or interested in
  • To support people with accessing all their benefit entitlements and also looking at budgeting
  • To support people to be able to have the most positive quality of life with their day to day routine, helping plan daily routines and prompt with medication if required 

A support customer's journey

Case study of a customer receiving mental health support.  Living with bipolar disorder, my journey.

Listen here: