Support services

Support services

Support Services colleagues work with a range of vulnerable people in our accommodation and in their own homes in the community.

Our roles include Support Workers and Housing Workers who do much of the face-to-face work, supporting customers to develop and maintain independence and to manage their licence or tenancy effectively to make it easier to secure move on accommodation in the future.

Our Service Managers are responsible for one or more projects, managing staff and working with commissioners, partners and referring organisations to ensure we deliver against our contracts. They also work with customers as they are based in the services and are a key part of the team. Their focus is to ensure and maintain the quality of the service and the accommodation we provide to our customers so they do less face-to-face work than our frontline staff.

Area Managers report the Director of Support Services and are responsible for a number of projects with up to six (usually) Service Managers reporting to them. Area Managers are responsible for a range of services in a geographical area and work as part of Support's Senior Management team at a strategic level. At times they also support the operational delivery of services, working with staff or customers if needed. We all have our roles to play in making the service work for our customers, offering places people want to live, services they want to receive and making Westward a place where colleagues thrive.

We work with people with mental health needs, learning and physical disabilities, young people including young parents and their children, utilising a specialist Play Worker role. We also support older people through support and housing related tasks and a range of customers through the provision of our digital alarm service, allowing people to remain in their own homes in the community with reassurance of a response 24/7. Roles in our alarm service include admin functions and installing or replacing alarms in people's homes. Our services are delivered across Devon and Cornwall including Torbay and Plymouth.

All of our staff strive to support people to reach their goals, be as independent as possible and to be part of their local community. We always remember that our customers are the experts in understanding their needs and looking at how to achieve the outcomes they want.