How to get a helpline alarm

Red button helpline leaflet cover Stay independent, secure and confident in your own home

The emergency helpline unit simply connects to your telephone.

Designed to help you stay independent in your own home, our alarm unit activates when you press the red button pendant worn as a necklace or wrist watch.

This gives you confidence that you can call for help at any time of the day or night, if you need it.

Read more by clicking on the leaflet cover pictured right or this link: Emergency Helpline Booklet

The pendant provides coverage in the house and most average gardens.

If you are unable to speak or respond you do not need to worry, help will still be called for.

Installation is free of charge, and we will collect relevant medical details and a list of emergency contacts and a keyholder who can check to see how you are.  These details are held by our call centre.

  • 24 hour help at the touch of a button, 24 hour reassurance for clients, carers and relatives.
  • Available to anyone (not just our residents) in North Devon.
  • Suitable for older and vulnerable clients, disabled, or all ages suffering chronic illness like asthma, epilepsy, angina, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis and regular falls - particularly if living alone.
  • The alarm unit has a back-up battery covering up to 36 hours should mains power fail.

Info sheet on helpline

No landline?

Read about how Michael's quality of life has been improved by using the alarm system via a mobile phone: Helpline now works from a mobile too

How much does an alarm system cost?

Demonstrations and installations are FREE, you simply pay a rental charge, paid monthly by direct debit or payment card. There is a minimun 3 month service period. There is no VAT charge.

£15 per month if you receive guaranteed pension credit or housing benefit.

£18 per month for all our other clients

There are NO hidden charges.  The Helpline Alarm is a not for profit service.

Please choose Alarm Helpline on this Contact Us form to request a free demonstration or ask for an alarm installation.


Our alarm units can be used to add in additional telecare monitors or sensors to protect both the person or the building:

  • Smoke, gas or flood detectors (in case baths overflow or oven rings are left on)
  • Chair or bed occupancy sensors with timers
  • Intruder alarms
  • Medication dispensers/promptors
  • Flashing, buzzing or vibrating alerts for doors, fire/smoke alarms for sight or hearing impaired clients
  • Movement detectors and door sensors
  • Fall or impact detectors


If you prefer not to have a keyholder, we can fit a Keysafe at a small additional cost to enable access. Read the page on keysafes in the leaflet link above to learn more about this service.

Keysafes are a handy resource for everyone, they can ensure that you and your family are never locked out of your own home again!