Westward Household Support Fund

Hardship fund page Westward financial support scheme, the Household Support Fund, now has an increased budget, to help any of our customers who have been hit by the increases to the cost of living.

The aim of our fund is to offer timely assistance to customers who are in immediate financial difficulty.


The fund has been split into three separate budgets which are as follows:

Emergency Fund:

This fund offers emergency financial assistance when you are unable to access any other funding at all within the time needed.

It can also be used to help you if you are having trouble affording utility bills such as electricity and water, putting food on the table and other basic household essentials.

Moving Home Fund:

This is to assist with the costs of moving home where other grants are not available to you in the time needed. It can be used to help you afford to buy white goods such as fridges or washing machines or any other necessity that finances may not stretch to after moving into your new home.

If you qualify for payments from this fund, we will discuss it with you during the moving home process - you do not need to apply.

Opportunity Fund:

This fund offers financial help relating to work - this includes the cost of travelling to interviews, getting to training or clothes you may need for job interviews. It can also be used to improve your computing or personal money management skills.


What happens next?

To make an application for one the grants, please use our online application form here

Household Support Fund application form

or call us on 0300 100 1010 where a member of our Customer Enabling Hub will take the details from you.

Your application will be reviewed and we may contact you to discuss this further. You should expect to hear from us within 10 working days although this is usually quicker. If it is a moving home fund then we'll let you know sooner to support your move. 


What our grants cannot cover:

  • Any debts (including rent) that are owed to Westward
  • Other general debts