Ending your Westward tenancy

All tenants are required to give notice in accordance with their tenancy agreement. 

Please read your tenancy agreement or phone the Hub on 0300 100 1010 for advice if you are unsure about anything.

We have a leaflet Ending your tenancy which gives you some helpful advice.

You can give us notice that you are going to leave the property here 

Notice to Quit form

Or if you have Power of Attorney or are the Next of Kin of a tenant who has passed away and need to end their tenancy then please use this Notice to quit form for attorney or next of kin.

If you leave your property without telling us, this is called "abandonment" and you will still be responsible for the rent and other housing costs until we either receive notice or get posession of the property through the court.

Please do not leave without telling us, whatever your reason for going.  There maybe something we can do to help you or at least reduce your costs.

Returning your Keys

A key safe will be erected outside your front door for you to place your front door key in at the end of your tenancy, all other keys including communal keys and window locks are to be left inside the property in a kitchen drawer. You will agree the key safe code with the Customer Enabling Hub when they contact you regarding your notice. If you do not leave your keys in the key safe you will continue to be charged rent until we can gain access.

Rechargable Works

We carry out an inspection during the notice period and advise you what you must do before the tenancy ends, as well as any potential rechargeable works that you must do before the tenancy ends.

Extending your Notice

If you are not able to move out on the day you had originally planned please tell us, because we will have booked a lock change for the day after you are due to leave and we do not want to turn up and find you still there.  We will also have to notify the new tenant going in that there has been a delay.  The more notice you can give us of a delay the better.

Paying your Rent and Service Charge

Your rent and service charge and any other housing costs are payable up to the date your notice ends, or you move out, which ever is later.

Utility Bills, Council Tax and Water Rates

Don't forget to tell all of the above the date that you are moving out and give them final readings.  You don't want to have to pay for services you are not receiving!

Service Standards: Looking to move

We will:

  1. Advise you on how to look for an alternative home if your current home is no longer suitable for you.
  2. Inspect your property before you leave, agree repairs that you must carry out before you leave and set out charges for damage left behind.

We ask you to:

  1. Give us at least 4 weeks’ notice before leaving your home and allow us to inspect the property before you move out.
  2. Leave our property in a clean, tidy condition and repair any damage that you are responsible for.
  3. Give us a forwarding address.