Customer DIY improvements

Couple doing home improvementsDid you know?

You can make your own improvements and alterations to your home but you must get our permission in writing first, you can apply by sending us the details here:

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If you carry out any alterations without permission, we may instruct you to remove them, or require you to reinstate the area to how it was previously.

We will not withhold permission unreasonably for such alterations. However they may be subject to local authority planning permission or building regulations which must be obtained before going ahead with any works.

Minor alterations you can do straight away?

You can make minor changes such as putting up shelves or wall cupboards, as long as you do not damage, remove or alter the structure of the property.

When you leave the property you may be asked to remove your minor changes and make good any fixing holes.

Bigger jobs to your home

Always ask if permission is required before making alterations in advance of making any changes. Here are a few examples:

  • Install a shower
  • Move heaters
  • Remove wall/space heaters
  • Change the kitchen
  • Change the bathroom
  • Install log burners
  • Gas cookers
  • Build a patio
  • Install a satellite dish
  • Install aerials
  • Install CCTV cameras
  • Install outside lights
  • Carry out self-funded adaptations.

Sending us a photograph or drawing will help us understand your plans