Customer satisfaction surveys

Satisfaction surveys

We employ IFF Research (formerly named Voluntas), an independent customer research specialist, to carry out some surveys on our behalf. They call a random sample of Westward households each month and ask customers a series of questions to see how you rate our services and identify areas for further improvement.

IFF Research help us shape services

Why are you carrying out this research?

We value your opinion. We use an independent market research agency IFF Research A key aim is to gain a clearer understanding of you, so we can better understand your needs and improve the services we provide to our customers.

How do I know it's them?

Any calls from IFF Research will come from 0203 148 7645

To give you flexibility on when you can take part they call between 9am-8pm Monday – Friday and between 11am-4pm on Saturday.

What will IFF Research ask me?

Each month IFF Research will ask customers about one of the following subjects:

  • Your most recent customer experience
  • Your experience once a repair is marked as complete
  • Your overall perception of us
  • The experience, if a formal complaint has recently been closed

IFF Research can keep your responses completely confidential, however if there are any questions which you would prefer not to answer please let the interviewer know. We will never include anything in our reports that could personally identify an individual. 

How do we keep your data and Information secure?

Your privacy is very important. IFF Research protect the personal data used in conducting research. For full details about IFF Research’s privacy policy please follow visit their website: IFF Research | GDPR

Ready to take part?

The surveys are kept as short as possible, so we don't waste your time. We appreciate your taking their call if they do ring.

The research is completely voluntary, if you do not want to take part just let IFF Research know when they contact you and you will be opted out.