Adaptations to improve life in your home

We aim to provide safe, suitable housing, independent living, privacy, confidence and dignity for individuals and their families. This can be achieved by providing a living environment and facilities suitable to your needs.

You can read our  Aids and Adaptations Policy to learn more.

Minor adaptations

We will install all minor adaptations such as: second mopstick stair rails, grab rails, lever taps, external galvanised rails for access to the property and some ramps.

To discuss these possibilities, please contact us

Please note that we do not carry out any work in connection with mobility scooters.

Major adaptations

These will be adaptations such as level access showers, stairlifts, hoists and elevators.  In all cases you will need to be assessed by an occupational therapist for a 'Statement of Need'. An appointment can be made with the relevant local authority as below.

Once an occupational therapist has been to assess your home and needs, they will send the request to Westward direct and we will then be in touch.

Where major works are concerned, we will encourage customers to consider moving to a more suitable home that can be adapted more easily, or to one that has already been adapted.


We will work with customers to help them obtain Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) from local authority partners so that customers can benefit from major adaptation work where there is no suitable housing alternative.

We will only fund level access showers if the bathroom is due for renewal and the property is sheltered accommodation. 

All other cases are funded by a Disabled Facilities Grant and the local authority will seek our permission to carry out the work.   


Useful Contacts

  • Care Direct 0345 1551007 (for all areas excluding Torbay, Plymouth & Cornwall)
  • Torbay Care Trust 01803 219700
  • Plymouth Adult Social Care 01752 306900
  • Cornwall Adult Social Care 0300 1234131