Work Experience and Volunteers

Gain experience

  • Work experience helps you gain valuable experience in your chosen work environment.
  • Where possible, Westward offers work experience to a wide range of people. This includes those people from school, college, those who are trying to get into or back into the workplace and those who may be trying a new career path.
  • Work experience can also happen through university courses such as Health & Social Care.

Make a difference!

A ‘Volunteer’ at Westward Housing Group is a valuable member of the team who commits time and energy for the benefit of others, who does so freely, through personal choice and without expectation of financial reward, except for the payment of actual out of pocket expenses.
Volunteer opportunities can provide new challenges and enable people to learn new skills.
It can be a stepping stone into employment or training opportunities.
Westward currently offers the opportunity to volunteer in some of our Support Services projects including at our social enterprise Grow - based around horticultural therapy in North Devon.