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April 2018


No need for cards or numbers any more! Just make sure you have your MyAccount set up with Westward website, meet the other criteria and wait for your email to collect your rewards.

Wise postcard for web accounts 

June 2018


Don't miss out on June's bonus payment of £25!

This is our way of rewarding our most loyal customers for meeting three basic requirements of no rent arrears or having an income arrangement in place, paying by direct debit and no asb breach of tenancy agreement.

You will be notified by love2shop by email if you have gained a reward. We have seen a 20 per cent rise in customers receiving a bonus since June 2017.

The service has now moved online.  

You don’t need a WISE card and don’t need to activate a WISE account – you Only need to sign up to a my-account-login and then meet the criteria