Pay and Rewards

Gender Pay Gap cover

Pay and reward benefits at Westward are set at a level to attract and retain the talent required to lead the organisation and make sure it can  deliver its strategic objectives. In doing this Westward takes into account comparable evidence and benchmarking data from a range of sources both within and outside the sector which is provided by external consultants.

Our aim is not to pay the highest salaries in the market but instead to offer a competitive package of salary plus other pay and non-pay benefits.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

As an employer of more than 250 people, we publish an annual Gender Pay Gap Report showing the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings.

Our mean gender pay gap in 2019 was 3.9%. Please click on the graphic to read the full report.

2020 remuneration summary

The table below outlines how many staff fall into each salary range (based on pro rata for part-time staff) as at April 2020:

Staff salary range




£10,000- £19,999


£20,000 - £29,999


£30,000 - £39,999


£40,000 - £49,999


£50,000 - £74,999


£75,000 - £99,999


£100,000 - £145,000




Non-Executive Director

Fees per annum

The table below outlines the Westward Housing Group Non-Executive Director (board/committee member) fees per annum as at April 2020:

Brian Aird (Westward Board Chair)


Alan Brunt (Senior Independent Director and Chair of Remuneration and Membership Cmte)


George Dexter (Horizon Homes subsidiary Board chair)


Will Patterson (Audit and Assurance Cmte Chair)


Steve Lyons




Frances West


Sue Coulson


Vacancy (Audit Cmte member)





(1) Excludes out of pocket of expenses paid as per expenses policy