Our approach - the support we offer during Coronavirus

Support and Older People's Services

Government advice is that people should work from home and still limit social contact, so we have decided to keep customers and staff safe by advising staff to work from home as much as possible, or to base themselves within those services that must have staff on site. In some services we are able to provide face-to-face contact with social distancing. Where this is not possible, we are providing support by phone. Where needed, this will be daily or more than once per day, particularly if you are self-isolating.

It will be unusual for many of you to have no staff on site, but you can still contact us by phone and you have the phone numbers for those staff who will be supporting you so that you can make direct contact when you need to. If staff are not able to answer your call immediately, please leave a message and someone will call you back. If your call isn’t urgent this may be the following working day if we have spoken to you already on the day you call. Where you have an alarm service in place please use this in an emergency.

Staff continue to ensure essential health and safety checks are completed regularly within the building to keep it safe. If for any reason staff have to come into your flat they may ask to wash their hands or wear gloves and will ask you to stand two metres away at all times or to move to another room whilst they undertake essential work.

We are asking as well that customers do not gather together in communal garden areas, even when practicing social distancing.

This is a very unusual situation for all of us and can sometimes feel very strange. We all need time to understand the changes in behaviours and services that we are being asked to put in place and we know this will be unsettling for everyone. Customers and staff remain our absolute priority so please help us to support everyone through this challenging time.

Here are the Age UK contact details as some of you have requested them to find your local Age UK support groups:

Age UK Devon. Phone number: 0333 241 2340. Email: info@ageukdevon.co.uk

Age UK Cornwall. Phone number: 01872 266383. Email: email@ageukcornwall.org.uk

We practice what is called a recovery-based approach. This is about enabling each individual person to get on with life and living no matter what their circumstance or condition.

Our approach is based on hope and creating the conditions in which all people can feel empowered to grow and realise their potential and develop their wellbeing. It is a whole-person focus which is sensitive to and values the diversity of peoples’ individual backgrounds and needs.

In supporting people to achieve their personal outcomes we seek to promote independence, improved quality of life and better social inclusion. We get alongside people on their individual journeys, enabling them to identify their needs and aspirations and how they wish to manage their safety and wellbeing and meet their goals.

Some of the essential aspects of our recovery-based approach are about supporting people to:
• recover meaning, purpose, choice and control in their lives
• gain access to educational, employment and leisure opportunities
• access personal, peer and community sources of support 
• to take responsibility for themselves and their wellbeing
• fully participate and make positive and fulfilling contributions in the wider community
• develop increased resilience, self awareness and self confidence
• overcome stigma and discrimination

Recovery based approach