Our approach - the support we offer

We practice what is called a recovery-based approach. This is about enabling each individual person to get on with life and living no matter what their circumstance or condition.

Our approach is based on hope and creating the conditions in which all people can feel empowered to grow and realise their potential and develop their wellbeing. It is a whole-person focus which is sensitive to and values the diversity of peoples’ individual backgrounds and needs.

In supporting people to achieve their personal outcomes we seek to promote independence, improved quality of life and better social inclusion. We get alongside people on their individual journeys, enabling them to identify their needs and aspirations and how they wish to manage their safety and wellbeing and meet their goals.

Some of the essential aspects of our recovery-based approach are about supporting people to:
• recover meaning, purpose, choice and control in their lives
• gain access to educational, employment and leisure opportunities
• access personal, peer and community sources of support 
• to take responsibility for themselves and their wellbeing
• fully participate and make positive and fulfilling contributions in the wider community
• develop increased resilience, self awareness and self confidence
• overcome stigma and discrimination

Recovery based approach