Passionate about equality in the work place: gender pay gap report

Gender Pay Gap cover

At Westward we are proud that we’re committed to being an equal and fair place to work. This is evidenced by our small gender pay gap.

Our gender pay gap has increased in 2020-2021 to a mean (average) gender pay gap of 6.4%, This is up from 2.3% in 2020 and is still significantly below the national average of 15.4% (Office of National Statistics).

The reason for the increase at Westward is a number of new roles in the higher quartile which have male role holders.

Our gender pay gap is very small compared to most organisations, and we’re passionate about providing opportunities for all colleagues to flourish in the workplace. This is reflected in our high-level roles, where a larger proportion of our executive team and  directors are women.

But we’ll keep continuing to do better and close the gap.

We’re already taking steps forward by:

  • Making sure all recruitment and internal promotions are based on merit, demonstrated against objective and non-discriminatory criteria
  • Helping our staff to achieve their potential and career goals through performance management and ongoing development
  • Providing flexible working patterns to help staff maintain a healthy work/life balance
  • Representing women in senior roles, an area where most organisations struggle
  • Working hard to remain an attractive and relevant place to work

Read our Gender Pay Gap Report 2021.pdf

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