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A value for money business

A value for money business

Our Value For Money (VFM) Statement 2016/17 summarises the work that we have carried out to ensure we spend the public money we receive as efficiently and responsibly as possible. 


The good news headlines are:


  • increase in operating surplus of £9million
  • efficient procurement of goods and services via Advantage South West procurement club, saving £450k
  • £820k of cashable savings (such as bringing PAT testing in-house, savings on printed leaflets, etc.)
  • Our maintenance contractor WPS  had a turnover of over £6,432k and a surplus of £115,000
  • WISE project achieved savings of £98,000
  • reduction in rent arrears of £65,925 helping 152 households.
  • For every affordable house built we create 3 jobs in the local economy and for every £1 of public investment we contribute £6
  • year-on-year reduction in management and maintenance costs (from £4,070 to £3,756 per property)
  • achievement of VFM KPIs such as rent arrears and void turnaround times

There are no shareholder dividends; every penny is ploughed back into the organisation so we can continue to provide great services and homes for people with housing and support needs across the south west.