Part-buy Part-rent

Looking for your dream home at the right price? Shared ownership may be the answer.

It helps you to buy a home if you have found that the open market is out of your price range.  You buy a portion of your home with a mortgage or savings and then pay rent on the rest.

Shared Ownership brochure


Find out more details by reading our Shared ownership brochure


Is it right for you financially?

The share you buy is based on your income and outgoings. You will have the opportunity to buy a share worth between 25% and 75% in the first instance.  In most cases you will have the opportunity to purchase the property outright in the future.

The cost including the mortgage, rent and service charge is usually less than a similar privately rented property.

We will work with you to ensure you do not over extend yourself but maximise your finances. We require certain financial information to calculate how much of your property you should buy. 

What next?

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