How we are governed

Westward board member photo Effective governance is key to a successful organisation.

For Westward as a business, this means having:

  • a streamlined board structure;
  • board members with diverse skills and experience;
  • leadership and direction to achieve our vision and values;
  • the highest degree of integrity across the organisation;
  • focussing on our priorities - see How well are we doing?;
  • clear accountability and transparency - follow this link  to find out about how we spend our money and what we are doing to drive performance and efficiency.

The board provides leadership, direction, support and challenge. Our executive team is responsible for delivering services.

Westward adopted the National Housing Federation’s codes of governance and standards.  We regularly assess compliance with these standards and report the outcomes in our annual Financial Statements.

The government’s Regulator of Social Housing regulates social housing and we comply with their regulatory standards, you can read our HCA regulatory judgement here.

Our governance structure includes a board of non-executive and executive board members (see our Board members and Audit Committee members 2020) and two specialist sub-committees:


You can view our organisation structure chart here.

Customers work in the Senate to review our services in line with our commitment to co-regulation.