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GWC image We have good news that we have begun some improvement and maintenance work at Great Western Close in Paignton.

The work is progressing well with the programme expected to complete in March 2022. Please read the latest Great Western Close Newsletter - Feb 2022.doc here. 

We are always keen that our tenants and leaseholders’ views feed into the decision-making process. It is important that you are able to influence the improvements to your neighbourhood and home, so we provided an opportunity for you to have a say before a decision is made on any changes.

Westward has been investigating and planning external redecoration of your homes at Great Western Close. Our intention is to regenerate the look of the scheme whilst dealing with the known building maintenance issues on the scheme. 

We are delighted to confirm that the successful design selected was Option 1 by the majority of scheme residents and this can be seen on the drop down below.
The proposed project plan will include the following work: 

External and internal (stairwells) re-decoration and render repairs

We are aware that the scheme is in need of re-decoration as the existing painted surfaces are beginning to look tired and the external render in places requires repair and/or replacement.

Over-capping of existing timber fascia boards and open eaves details to incorporate a soffit

Due to the coastal location, having exposed timber fascia boards and open eaves that expose the foot of the rafters can encourage problems and damage so we aim to mitigate this and reduce future maintenance.

Capping these areas will protect the timbers from the coastal conditions and enhance the look of Great Western Close.

Further to this, it will ensure that further cleaning of the gutters and fascias is made easier.

Replace existing rainwater items

The gutters and downpipes are to be replaced to ensure that deep-flow gutters operate throughout the scheme to allow the rainwater and storm water to be carried away more efficiently to the ground and reduce blockages.

Roofing repairs & replacement of existing defective dorma roof coverings

The existing flat roof coverings are leaking in places and do not provide adequate thermal efficiency to mitigate cold bridging that is causing damp and mould in some flats.

Installation of new flat entrance doors across the scheme

The existing flat entrance doors have been identified on a recent Fire Risk Assessment as requiring planned replacement due to the doors not being to modern fire safety standards. They are deemed to be compliant for the time they were installed, so do offer protection in the event of fire but are 'of an age' now and require replacement.


All leaseholders at Great Western Close were provided with further correspondence relating to your lease with Westward more specifically  and as such this consultation does not form a part of the formal consultation process we will engage with in. This is to discuss the designs, the existing works scope and to identify if there are any other areas that require consideration. 

If you have any general queries on the project please contact the Improvements Team and put Great Western Close Refurbishment clearly on the form: 

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