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Crownhill Court in 2020 We have good news that we are soon to be starting some improvement and maintenance work at Crownhill Court.

External refurbishment of Crownhill Court, Torre, Torquay

We are always keen that our tenants and leaseholders’ views feed into the decision-making process. So residents were able to influence the improvements in a new year consultation.

Westward has been investigating and planning a major refurbishment of the flats at Crownhill Court.

Our intention is to regenerate the look of the scheme whilst dealing with the known building maintenance issues and improving your thermal comfort overall.

The designs can be viewed below.

We plan to include the following work:

  • Installing external wall insulation to improve the thermal efficiency of the building, resulting in reduced annual heating requirements
  • Mitigating issues with cold spots that cause condensation and mould
  • Re-rendering external surfaces and re-cladding specific areas
  • Enhancing the appearance of the scheme
  • Weatherproofing the buildings
  • Using easy-to-clean masonry and cladding will allow for better routine maintenance to keep the buildings looking smart 
  • Renewing guttering and downpipes - improving the transit of storm water away from the building to prolong the life of all building elements
  • Changing flat roof to pitched roof on blocks 21-32 & 33-40 (similar to block 1-20)
  • Providing a more durable long-term roofing solution that has a longer lifespan than a flat roofing system
  • Improving energy efficiency to reduce heating requirements.
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Replacing external communal doors
  • Improving security 
  • Replacing windows
  • Redecorating the internal communal areas
  • Continue the improved look of the external areas into the internal stairwells to match the new fitted flooring


All leaseholders at Crownhill Court will be provided with further correspondence relating to your lease with Westward more specifically.

If you have any general queries on the project please contact the Improvements Team and put Crownhill Court Refurbishment clearly in the form: Contact Us

The current and new designs

Block 1: Current appearance Block 1-20 Existing

Block 1: New appearance 

Block 1-20 Proposed

Block 2: Current appearanceBlock 21-32 Existing

Block 2: New appearanceBlock 21-32 Proposed

Block 3: Current appearanceBlock 33-40 Existing

Block 3: New appearanceBlock 33-40 Proposed