Citizenship - our approach

Citizenship graphic Citizenship, and the acceptance it brings, is possibly the key to truly belonging, being valued and getting the good things in life.

The 7 keys to Citizenship are:

1.    Purpose - having goals, hopes and dreams and a structure for life and a plan to achieve this - having our own direction.

2.    Freedom - having control and the ability to speak up and be heard and to be legally visible in society - taking charge of our own life.

3.    Money - having enough money to live a good life and control over how that money is spent.

4.    Home - having a place that belongs to us where we have control over everything that happens there and feel safe - a base for a good life.

5.    Help - having good help that enhances are gifts , talents and skills and supports our standing, freedom, rights and responsibilities.

6.    Life - making an active contribution to our communities - sharing our gifts - making a difference - learning with others - taking risks and having fun.

7.    Love - having loving relationships - finding friendships - enjoying life, love and sex - being part of a family - respecting ourselves and the rights of others.

From 'Citizenship for All' by Simon Duffy & Wendy Perez