Do you know someone who needs help with computers or the internet?

Bee online postcardWant to try out Facebook or Skype?  Scared to shop or bank online?
Bee Online champions can help with free bite-size chunk training on what you want to know, at a time and place of your choice!

We can help you or a friend learn some online skills – whether that’s starting at the very beginning or simply learning a bit more about how they could use the internet to make life easier?

OR... you could become a champion if you love the internet

Volunteer to help change the lives of 3600 people in Devon and Cornwall by speaking to just 2 a month.

Show others how to:

  • Connect with family and friends
  • Find cheaper deals online
  • Make the most of hobbies
  • Set up an email account

Do you know someone who would like to:

  • Job hunt online as they can’t find anything in the job centre
  • shop online to save money
  • look up a wide range of information, email and Skype,
  • and learn how to apply for universal credit and other benefits online?

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A Digital Champion is someone who helps others to understand the benefits of being online and can spend some time showing them how.

A Digital Champion doesn’t have to be an IT whizz; they just need an enjoyment of being online themselves, some confidence with basic computer use, and, most of all, a willingness to help others.

Digital Champions do a range of simple things that can make a big difference to people who can’t or don’t use the internet. Like:

  • Helping someone set up an email account
  • Setting someone up on Skype
  • Helping someone research their family history or other hobby online

For help contact Terry Leech in the Customer Involvement Team on 0300 100 1011