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Unsurprisingly, we’re receiving more reports of neighbourhood problems at the moment. The restrictions on being able to go out as much are forcing people to stay home for longer and this may cause increased noise and frustration as we all spend more time at home.


We know that it’s hard dealing with these additional tensions, but we ask you to try to be thoughtful and patient, it is a stressful situation for us all at the moment.


It’s a difficult time but we need you to think about how your behaviour may impact on others. Please be respectful of your neighbours and avoid the things you know may cause upset such as very loud music outside and congregating in groups.



The lockdown is having an impact on all of us. Think about how you behave when you’re out and about too, are you really 2 metres away from others so they feel safe? It may make people feel extremely stressed and cause a situation you didn’t intend if you forget to be considerate.


Noise from neighbours is a common source of disturbance at the moment. Sound travels so loud music and banging doors can annoy, remember that no house or flat is totally soundproof.  Garden noise can also have an effect on neighbours, but everyone can expect some noise from those that live around them. Noise-related issues are generally not considered to be anti-social behaviour, they are often lifestyle issues. Having a polite conversation with your neighbour may help the situation, but if you are worried about speaking with your neighbour we can also provide you with support.

If you are worried about a neighbour please check our domestic abuse or safeguarding advice. If you have immediate concern for their lives dial 999.


Some behaviours may be the result of lifestyle or people just being inconsiderate which means we are very limited in the action we can take.

Some of issues that cause frustration but are not generally viewed as serious anti-social behaviour include children playing very noisily, inconsiderate parking and leaving dog poo on the ground.

It’s a difficult time during lockdown but we will take action if we need to. If there is a serious breach of tenancy then we will follow our processes and take action if we feel it’s appropriate. Serious tenancy breaches include aggressive and threatening behaviour, criminal activity and violence.

Please be reassured that we treat information sensitively and don’t be afraid to report it.

Any serious incident needs to be reported to the police as a priority.

Did you know that you can gather evidence of noise nuisance with the Noise Nuisance App?

This form is for you to record your experience of anti-social behaviour on. It will be sent to your Housing Officer to investigate during working hours. They will then contact you within five working days of the case being reported to agree an action plan.

1. Only write what you have seen, heard or experienced.

2. Please be aware that the information given may be used in subsequent legal proceedings.

3. The information given may be passed to other statutory agencies such as police, local authorities and other housing associations, so by completing this you are agreeing that we can do so.

4. Please complete one form for each incident which helps us to gather evidence and understand the whole story.

5. If you know someone else has already completed a form, we still wish to hear your feedback and experience, so please complete the form anyway.

Thank you.


Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

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