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Any serious incident needs to be reported to the police as a priority.

Did you know that you can gather evidence of noise nuisance with the Noise Nuisance App?

This form is for you to record your experience of anti-social behaviour on. It will be sent to your Housing Officer to investigate during working hours. They will then contact you within five working days of the case being reported to agree an action plan.

1. Only write what you have seen, heard or experienced.

2. Please be aware that the information given may be used in subsequent legal proceedings.

3. The information given may be passed to other statutory agencies such as police, local authorities and other housing associations, so by completing this you are agreeing that we can do so.

4. Please complete one form for each incident which helps us to gather evidence and understand the whole story.

5. If you know someone else has already completed a form, we still wish to hear your feedback and experience, so please complete the form anyway.

Thank you.


Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

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